When you join and become a sponsor, here's what we do:

1. We acknowledge your sponsorship immediately online and email you a picture of your family. If you've selected the “where it's needed the most” option, we'll let you know which family your contribution is supporting.

2. If you pay by credit card or American check, your donation is deposited at the Young Heroes Foundation account at Bank of America in the United States.  From there, it is transferred to a separate Young Heroes account maintained by NERCHA at First National Bank in Mbabane, Swaziland.  Funds can also be wired directly to our Swazi account.  Fluctuations in currency value do not affect sponsored families.  Young Heroes will make up the difference in value when necessary; foreign exchange overages are pooled when they occur to help provide sponsorships for additional families.

3. On one day of each month, a list of sponsored families and the amount to be distributed to each is forwarded from the Young Heroes account to the Swazi Post & Telecommunications Corporation. The postal service creates money orders for each orphan family that has received support and sends them to the post office nearest your family. If you have chosen to pay a full year's sponsorship at one time, we will allocate your donation through the 12 months ahead. As of April 2014, we have begun to distribute funds via cellphone as well.

4. Upon presenting a Young Heroes identification card at the post office, your family receives the full amount of their donations for food and clothing for the month. They sign a receipt for it, and the postal service returns all receipts to us to verify.

5. Together with community volunteers, we visit the Young Heroes family regularly to make sure that the children are well and that your donation is well spent. (If a family is not spending your donation appropriately, they are given one warning. If the problem continues, the family is removed from the Young Heroes program and you will be notified.)

It's that easy – and that certain. With Young Heroes, you'll always be sure that your sponsorship donation is going exactly where you intend it to go.

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What you do to become a sponsor.

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