How Young Heroes Works

When you, your family or your organization decide to become sponsors by joining Young Heroes, here's all you have to do:


1. Search through our listings of orphan families to select the one you'd like to help, or just click on the box provided to send your support to where it's needed the most.

2. Select the payment option you'd like to use and complete the required information.

3. Click enter to complete your sponsorship.

Yes, I want to become a sponsor!

It's easy!

The Young Heroes program gathers funds from sponsors to distribute to Swazi orphan children under the age of 18. Unlike other programs, our goal is to keep families together on their homesteads and in their communities. So, instead of supporting one individual child, your contribution goes towards helping the entire family meet its basic needs. You can sponsor a family either in whole or in part. (Because some families are large, it often takes more than one sponsor to support them.)

What we do when you become a sponsor.

How can my school group raise funds?

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