Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to many of the most common questions about Young Heroes here. If the answer to your question is not found here, please email us at

How do I know that Young Heroes is reputable?
Does that mean that my donation is tax-deductible?

Is there a minimum commitment I have to make?
What are the methods of payment?
I don't have a credit card. What can I do?
Can my monthly donation be automatically debited from my credit card?
How are the orphans chosen for Young Heroes?
Can I choose an individual child to sponsor?
How does family sponsorship work?
How do you decide “where it's needed the most?”
How did you arrive at the sums you're asking me to donate?
If it costs $29 to feed a child, why are you asking me for $29.95?
How does the money get to the orphans?
What happens if I decide to end my sponsorship?
Can I make a one-time donation?
How can I know that my donation is well spent?
What is the role of Peace Corps in Young Heroes?











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